The Bottom-up Approach and the Co-construction of Adaptive Capacity and Resilience of the Communities in the face of Climate Change and Variability

Here is the Power Point Presentation (in French): _Omar-Chérine-Chris-D3T


Sustainable Food Systems, with a focus on Agricultural Planning in the MRC of Haut-Richelieu, Quebec

Les syst_ذmes alimentaires durables- Ch_رrine Akkari (PDF)

Agriculture and Innovation in the Urban Fringe: The Case of Organic Farming in Quebec, Canada

This paper takes another perspective on the zoning laws in Canada, specifically in Quebec. The paper presents the urban fringe as an area where alternative forms of agriculture, i.e. organic farming, are favored through closer access to such resources as a large urban market and and specialized agricultural services. An analysis of organic farming in Quebec, Canada, shows that urban fringe areas account for the highest level of activity in organic farming compared to other regions, confirming of conditions encouraging innovation. Concentrations of organic farming are also present in urban fringe areas, suggestive of other factors, e.g. the role of local actors, which also influence the development of alternative and innovative forms of agriculture.

Here is the paper: Beauchesne-Bryant-TESG993-2