Conference: ‘Tropical Forest; What lessons for Quebec?’- October 4, 2012

Thursday October 4, 2012, at Street 200 West Sherbooke, besides metro Place des Arts, a conference about tropical forests and climate change was held in the memory of Pierre Dansereau, a Canadian ecologist known as the “fathers of ecology”.

A photo of Pierre Dansereau examining the rings of the tree:

The conference was held by Professor Catherine Potvin from the Department of Biology at McGill University.

The main highlighted points were:

  • Carbon cycle: What goes up must go down.
  • The ice core of Vostok
  • Greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Half the weight of the tree is carbon
  • Between 10% and 30% of CO2 emissions are caused by deforestation
  • The majority of the deforestation happens in Africa and South America
  • How to detect deforestation? The project was done in Panama by using RS (remote sensing) and GIS (Geographical Information System)
  • REDD- United Nations collaborative Programme on Reducing Emissions from      Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
  • How to reduce the deforestation in Panama? The plan implementation was based on signs to communicate information aiming at deforestation prevention, buffer zone for reforestation, and local forest guards (i.e: indigenous people)
  • And still the existence problem between the agriculture and he pastoralist. The tragedy of commons as a reflection.
  • Showing how good decision-making and policy making process in Panama have played an important role in managing the natural resources of the country. Unlike Panama, decision-making and policy making process about managing the natural environment in Quebec was prohibited by Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Also, taking Ecuador as a good example on how countries can save nature through politics. In addition, taking Guyana as another example ‘Guyana suspends gold, diamond mining permits over pollution fears
  • Now, back to Quebec! The mining projects are predicted to increase. Currently, in Quebec, 100 enterprises emit 25 Kt CO2 eq.
  • Western Climate Initiative (WCI) Quebec?? Cap-and-Trade?? More of ‘greenwashing’? Green economy??
  • Thoughts noticed during the presentation: a) The intercultural aspects of soil usage cannot be ignored. b) Perception of an apparent lack of interest and political willingness.

Of course, not to forget the Amazon! Urgent action: Reduction of 80% of deforestation in 2020 in the Amazon.

Here is a photo that attracted my direct attention during the presentation: 

P.S: All the above photos were taken by Cherine Akkari


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