Event: Les Récoltes Urbaines de Montréal/ The Urban Harvests of Montreal- 28 September

By Cherine Akkari

Food is one of our basic needs. It is an integral part of culture and has been a driving force in the creation of human settlements. Originally, food was closely linked with urban form since most of it came from local or regional sources. However, with the rise of agribusiness, the ability to transport food cheaply over long distances and the development of food preservation on technology have enabled the distance between farm and market to increase dramatically. Recently, such practices have been questioned for the damage they cause to the natural environment, high energy consumption, and their contribution to climate change. In addition, the quality of the food available to residents in subject to increasing concern. The question of how to feed the urban population, particularly during crisis, is becoming urgent every day. The spread of ‘food desert’, where there is no easy access to affordable food, food banks and soup kitchens demonstrated that the urgency of access to food and food security for everyone, must be confronted.

Friday 28 September, 2012 an event ‘Les Récoltes Urbaines de Montréal’ was held near west Saint-Laurent Metro Station. The objective of the event was to celebrate agriculture and local food.


Urban farmers, specifically Peri-urban farmers, came to this event promoting their local food.



Chefs were present too! They were cooking local fruits and vegetables and tasting them to the attendants, in solidarity with the Peri-urban farmers.

Moreover, There was a big indoor board on which examples on how supporting local food/agriculture were presented: Image

Here are the examples that were present on the board:

-) Lufa Farms– the first commercial greenhouse operating on an urban rooftop in the world

-) Maison Productive House (MPH) in Montreal

-) Carrot City

-) Strantropol Roulant Montreal

-) Nutri- Centre La Salle

-) Crapaud- UQAM

-) Maison Ecohabitation

P.S: All the above photos were taken by Cherine Akkari


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